Inside the Walk website
Website for a church youth group.
Blount County Education Foundation website
Website for the Blount County Education Foundation.
Blount County Drug Court Foundation website
Website for the Blount Country Drug Court Foundation.
Academic Travel Services website
Website for an education travel planner.
A website and custom CMS created for photographer Mark Large.
Adam Mabe M.D. business cards
A business card design created for Adam R. Mabe M.D.
Weekend Covers
A selection of covers created for the Weekend entertainment section of The Daily Times.
Tim Sanford & Jackson Mohr gigposter
A gigposter created for two folk-pop singers playing together.
41 Letters from Hell cover & layout
Book cover and layout design for a poetry book by author A.M. Roberts.
Pick Up the Snake - Feel the Fire
A CD Layout for a heavy metal/doom metal band from Knoxville, TN.
Pick Up the Snake logo
A logo created for a heavy metal/doom metal band from Knoxville, TN.
God Bless the American Plague poster
This is a poster created for The American Plague's special edition CD box set. The band's original intention was to have a black and white poster. They liked the design so much they decided to have it printed full color.
DJ SPG logo
This logo was created for a DJ in Maryville, TN. My first freelance job.
Pick Up the Snake gigposter
gigposter created for the heavy/doom metal band pick up the snake.
Dvine - A WordPress them based on the golden ratio
Dvine is a minimal WordPress blog theme based on the divine proportion. Font, column, margin, and padding sizes are based on Phi (1.62) or phi (.62). The layout is fluid and this ratio scales with browser zoom.
Blahg - A minimal WordPress blog theme
Blahg is a minimal one-column WordPress theme designed for readability and minimal distraction. It uses jQuery to hide unnecessary post meta info on index pages and the site header on post pages until it’s desired (found by hovering over the area.)
Typographic Word Game Board
This is a handmade scrabble board. The designations on the board and the letter pieces are all set in a different font.
Vector Portraits
A selection of vector portraits.
Ice Scream
Ice Scream. 12 x 16 print at Etsy.
Breakfast Illustrations
A set of 10 vector illustrations of breakfast food and drinks and a repeating pattern composed with all of the illustrations.
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