a farewell note to this city
a farewell note to this city II
amalgamation station
beating me at my own game
christopher walken's autograph
dead as dorothy
...from the museum of sleep
guardian of the goldfish bowl
hannibal rex
happiness is a wax two-headed baby
i eat dirt
i usually wind up in a cemetery
isolation is self-preservation
last stop on the black-metal train
lost-cause factory
miss anthropy
my hovercraft is full of eels
my sweet angel of desolation
out with the old and into the cold
pyramids don't build themselves
sex is the new violence
the diplomacy of wolves
the first international bank of eternal sorrow
the golden grapes of wrath
the object of my indiscretion
the riddle and the sleeping beauty
tonight we bleed
waiting for the ocean to save you from the waves
where the guilt grows in droves
your scene is dead
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